Insta-Classic: Daniel Hudson vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Photos by Jordan Megenhardt

This past week was incredibly busy for us, with all the All-Star Game festivities. We covered every aspect of every event and are just now getting around to editing-down our photos. As soon as we get time, we’ll make a post and share our favorite images from All-Star weekend.

Until then, we thought we’d share some images from Sunday’s game against the Dodgers. Daniel Hudson made it easy for us to get some great photos. He pitched a complete game and hit his first-career home run!

Usually, we shoot with Canon equipment but during All-Star week, we borrowed some Nikon gear. I thought I’d switch it up today and shoot the game with the Nikon gear, mostly to play with the multi-exposure feature on the D3S.

It took a few tries, but I was pretty happy with a few of the multi-exposure images of Hudson throwing. In order to make the image not look so busy, it’s important to try to get the subject in front of a clean background. At a ballpark, that isn’t always easy.

Hudson pitched a complete game, and since the D-backs are in the National League, he also got a few at-bats. I moved around to a few different shooting positions and when Hudson hit his first home, I was set down behind home plate.

Also, as Hudson was at the plate, Andre Ethier’s headshot accidentally ended up next to Hudson’s name on the lineup board. But, it must have been good luck because he hit a line drive straight over the left field wall!

It’s always fun shooting a game like Sunday’s game. Hudson had a historic day, and like I said, he made it very easy to get some nice images.

Here are a few more shots of Hudson from Sunday:

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