Purple People: A quick look at the 2001 World Championship Reunion Weekend

Photos by Jordan Megenhardt

It’s been ten years since the World Championship of 2001, and this past weekend all of the players from that team got together for a reunion at Chase Field. And to honor the great 2001 team, the current team donned the purple and teal uniforms for the weekend. Originally they were only going to wear the throwback uniforms for the Friday game, but fan feedback was so great that they decided to wear the original colors all weekend long. It was a great opportunity for some unique photos! Between our currents guys and all of the legends of 2001, it was a very exciting weekend for everyone.

We had some great access for the reunion tribute on Saturday, and were able to get some great candid images of guys like Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, Steve Finley, Bob Brenley and countless others.

Once the reunion ceremony started, Jon and I tried to cover some unique angles. Jon shot the guys as the came out from the dugout onto the field, and I took a position on the field near the pitcher’s mound. There were dozens of other photographers there to cover the event, you can see them in a few of these photos.

It was a great atmosphere at Chase Field all weekend. Guys were happy and competitive. We took three of four against the Padres, and almost took the fourth game. There were plenty of chances for some amazing images, both candid and action. Here’s a look at some of what was captured.

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